Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some good, some bad.....

Great maize crop
The crops that are growing at the Crossroads site are maize, tomatoes and ground nuts. The two maize fields differ with their crops: one is looking great while the other is pretty much a disaster. It's interesting considering that the two fields are not very far apart. The tomatoes and ground nuts are looking good.

Tomatoes coming along nicely

Maize - A site for sore eyes!!!!

Maize - Not getting much from this crop!!!

By Molly Manhanga

Friday, March 28, 2014

Views at the Crossroads site

The beauty of nature is always so captivating and peaceful.

By Molly Manhanga

March 2014

Stephen Manhanga (Right)  with Brilliant Khoza
The theme at Crossroads for March 2014 was "Remembering The Poor....." The folk listened to a tape by Pastor Tatenda Gunguwo from Eternal Word Church on 'The Poor'. Stephen Manhanga shared messages and told two CBS stories from the Book of ACTS:
1.  The Believers sharing their possessions (Ananias and Saphira)
2. A brave testimony (Barnabas)
3. A praying church

All the messages were received very well and the folk in Mablauwuni village identified with the message on the poor.

"Things may not be easy but they will trust in God."

By Molly Manhanga

News from the Crossroads site 4

The calf is looking good!!

Extreme close up - the smile was almost there....

By Molly Manhanga

News from the Crossroads site 3

The pigs are coming along nicely too......
By Molly Manhanga

News from the Crossroads Site 2

The goats are also increasing in number.

By Molly Manhanga



News from the Crossroads Site....

It's all about animals and crops at the Crossroads Site.

The chickens are doing pretty well. They are now 5 weeks old....

By Molly Manhanga

Love is in the air......

Honest Matavire and Blessing Moyo

Honest Matavire (One of the emerging leaders from Crossroads who is working closely with Stephen Manhanga) and Blessing Moyo, will be tying the knot early April.

Here's wishing them a fantastic wedding and future together..

"What God has joined together, let no man put asunder..."

By Molly Manhanga

Monday, March 24, 2014

More on the Youth Camp

Tents the youth slept in

Youth on a break between sessions
Youth catching up with each other

By Molly Manhanga

Youth Camp @ Crossroads

Exciting! Exciting! The Youth from Crossroads and other churches in the surrounding areas, had a Youth Camp at Crossroads on Friday 21st - Saturday 22nd March at Crossroads. The camp was spearheaded by Brilliant Khoza from Crossroads and their theme was "Alive". The youth were certainly alive on Friday evening through to Saturday lunch.

Approximately 75 - 80 people were at the Camp. The Friday evening comprised of Praise and Worship, followed by messages from Brilliant and Trynos (both from Crossroads Community Church) Testimonies came after the messages.

Saturday's main speaker was Stephen Manhanga - leader of Crossroads Community Church. He shared on "Finding The Hero Within" from Judges 6:1 - 13 (the story of Gideon) The message was received well.

The group then split into two:

The 12 year olds to 18 year olds went with Brilliant while Stephen had the 18 year olds to 30 year olds. The discussion was on Marriage preparations and marriage.

The Youth had an awesome time not only with the word, fellowship and sharing meals but they enjoyed their 'sleepover' at the church in tents, in the church, the office and the store-room. Many testimonies followed of their amazing time together.

Well done to the young people!

By Molly Manhanga