Thursday, September 22, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

From the inside out

What can separate us from the love of God........Absolutely NOTHING.

Encouragement 2

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful" Hebrews 10:23

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A God of Miracles 2

Pastor Brian with Helga and Stephen

When you hear the words cancer survivor, what comes to your mind? I think of the goodness of God, His amazing grace, His sovereignty, His mercy, His power, His Healing  etc, etc. Meeting Helga Pullen, a cancer survivor, was extraordinary. She is a woman of faith.

M.M: Your testimony is incredible. Please can you share your experience with us.

H.P: I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in April 2015. I was fearful because my mother had died of breast cancer. I didn’t want to deal with the emotions. When I went to the Doctor, I was sent for a second opinion. I went for a biopsy which proved to be cancerous. I was in denial. I didn’t hear what the Doctor said – “we’ve caught it in time” because I was in shock. My employer was very supportive and I had great support from my husband and family. I had a mastectomy and after a week I went back to work. I started 4 cycles of chemotherapy as a precaution. The result showed that there was no more cancer . 9 lymph nodes were also removed. The Doctor told me that the survival rate was 80%+.

M.M: What kept you going through this process?

H.P:  I stood on Gods word throughout this process and trusted God. My Pastors encouraged me to believe and trust God completely. I trusted that God had healed me as I didn’t want to live in fear. God did it for me. He accomplished everything at the cross.

M.M: What happened to you this year?

H.P: In April 2016, I had fluid in one lung and the Doctor told me that it was probably cancerous. I went to the oncologist after feeling very ill. All the tests that were done proved that I did not have cancer. I was sent to a physician and was told that my heart was pumping at 25%. I went for a heart echo and I was on oxygen and medication. I recovered within a week. These are the miracles of God in my life.

M.M: Incredible. What would you like to share with people after this experience?

H.P: Stand firm on the word of God. He is just so faithful. God will come through for you. Believe and don’t take His word for granted.

M.M: Thank you Helga. When you have an encounter with the Living God, you cannot stay the same. Whether we get healed or not, He is still God. He is still on the throne. He is still in control and we are the apple of His eye. Praise God.

Summarised by Molly Manhanga   

Pastor Brian and Helga

Friday, September 9, 2016

A God of Miracles...

Gaone Dudu Thipe

It was fantastic meeting Ggone Dudu Thipe from Maun in Botswana. What caught my attention about Dudu was her amazing voice and when she sings, it’s from deep within her, as she gives God all the glory. Hearing one of her testimonies stirred my faith and made me realize yet again that we serve a miracle working God.

M.M: What was the highlight of the conference for you?

D.T: The highlight was the word. I learnt a lot of things and had new revelations. I have a different perspective as everything changes.

M.M: Your testimony is incredible. Please could you share it!

D.T: In June 2016 I had my second stroke. The left side of my body wasn’t functioning. My arm was twisted, my leg couldn’t move and my mouth was displaced near my left ear. My husband was calm and supportive and gave me lots of encouragement. I never lost hope because of him. He never went home day and night and when I woke up, I would find him praying.

M.M: How long were you in the hospital?

D.T: I was in hospital for 5 days. My Pastors came to pray for me. My leg straightened and my arm straightened out at a later stage and it remained numb for some time. My mouth was slow to go back to position.

M.M: How did your Doctors react?

D.T: They were surprised and shocked because they had never seen anyone recover without medical intervention.

M.M: What has this experience taught you about God?

D.T: He is indeed a faithful God. He is not man the He should lie. He doesn’t go back on His promises. If your faith is at a place where you completely trust God, then His word does come to pass. When you’ve seen a manifestation of God’s word in your life, you fully depend on Him.

M.M: Excellent. God is so faithful and what seems impossible with man, is POSSIBLE with God. He truly is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above that which we can ask or even imagine. Thank you Dudu.

Summarised by Molly Manhanga

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Meet Faith Jamikel

Pastor Kennedy and Faith Jamikel
It was excellent meeting Faith Jamikel at the Conference in Kariba. Faith and her husband Pastor Kennedy lead Mahombekombe Fellowship in Kariba.

M.M: What did you find most challenging about the conference preparations?
F.J: Putting resources together and making sure everything is done.

M.M: The conference was amazing. What was the highlight for you?
F.J: The 1st night, especially the word. The explanation tied in with the theme scripture. Through the word, we get to know the speaker. It blew my mind. I also enjoyed the praise and worship on the last day. The word kept everyone focused and ‘awake’ which is very good.

M.M: What are your thoughts about the theme scripture?
Faith Jamikel
F.J: The theme scripture was hard – “The body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit”. It is a practical word and practical for our situation. God is concerned about us and wants us to live right.

M.M: Yes, He is. What encouragement would you like to share with other people about the conference?
F.J: Conferences are good. Why? In 3 days we really focused and had time for the word of God. We mix and mingle with others. It’s about being one body. People get to know you, accept you and value you. A bond is being created. We are gifted differently. There is a saying, “New brooms sweep clean”. The speaker said new things and we learnt new things. People will receive the word differently. No one wants to remain stationary. Everyone wants to move forward. There were testimonies of God’s goodness. God is moving and unifying the body. God will have all the glory.

M.M: Thank you so much. May God extend your territory as you continue to live for Him.

By Molly Manhanga