Friday, September 21, 2012

Ladies Conference: Women of Significance by Pastor Faith Netha

Pastor Faith Netha
As women, we need to enjoy abundant life. Don't settle for the crumbs but ask for the loaf. God is speaking through Flora, Molly and myself. The messages are linked and it seems to happen this way at conferences. If we have ears, let us hear what God is saying.

What made women significant in the Bible? Be a notable, significant woman because you love God, you are passionate about God, you are a woman of prayer etc. Play a role that is significant. Leave your mark in Kezi. Look at the woman who went to Jesus with the alabastar box and broke it before Jesus. She will be remembered. She annointed Jesus. Wherever the gospel is preached, this woman will be remembered. Look at the women from Genesis to Revelation. You get the good and the bad. Lets be an Esther, a Ruth, a Deborah.

Mark 5:25 - 34
The woman with the issue of blood. This woman suffered many things. As women, we know about having a menstral cycle - it can be uncomfortable and the bleeding can be heavy etc. For 12 years this woman bled non stop. She was a social outcast. In the days of Jesus, women were not supposed to mix with men. This woman was said to be unclean, she suffered rejection, wasn't loved and probably felt sorry for herself etc. When she heard that Jesus was passing by, she didn't care what people said. She said to herself; "Enough is enough!" This sickness has stayed here long enough. Sometimes we need to have righteous indignation and desire to change our situation. God hears our prayers.

She told herself, "If only I can touch the hem of his garment." Sometimes we receive discouragement but this woman said; "If only...." She had faith. She pressed through the crowd. Don't just sit at home and watch sickness come into your home. Press in until you get a breakthrough. Be women who press through the crowd - for your husband, your family, your relatives, the church etc. Bring everything to the Lord. This lady touched the hem of Jesus garment and "the fountain dried up." Jesus came to a stand still. Press on in faith and cause Jesus to stand still like when Stephen was being stoned.

Jesus said, "Your faith....." Your faith will get you to areas of healing that you need to get. immediately the fountain stopped. Worship the God of the 'suddenly'. This woman probably danced as her joy returned to her after 12 years. Be a people that believe. God can change our marriages. He can deliver you from toxic thoughts. Be women of prayer. The word of God is active and alive. Take the living word and let it quicken our situation. Speak the word of God and something is activated. It starts working in our situation. Don't give up. The man was healed after 38 years. God will not put us to shame. Sometimes we give up when our breakthrough is near. Press in harder. God can do anything.

Hebrews 11:1 We are a people of faith. Believe the word of God and keep on confessing it. Jesus knew this womans situation but He wanted people to see her faith. The multitude thronged Jesus. Do something different that will cause people to throng you. We are here to make a difference. We serve a God who changes things. Our God does the impossible. Only believe. This woman is a tenacious woman. Esther said, "If I perish, I perish!" Fast and pray and change things around. Esther changed the decrees around in the land of Shushan. Don't be casual and mediocre about the things of God.

In 2 Kings 4 we see another woman whose husband left her in debt. The woman went to Elisha for help as the creditors wanted to take her children. Elisha asked her what she had and she said a little oil. He instructed her to get jars - jars of all shapes and sizes, to go into her house, shut the door and start pouring. There are some doors in our lives that need to be shut like doubt, past failures etc. Run to Jesus and present your situation. Don't be mediocre. Up your levels of faith. There is no situation that God cannot handle. Tell yourself the "this too shall pass". You are going through the valley, not standing still. Call upon the God who knows us by name.

Be believing women, women of the word. Just as Jesus called Zaccheus down from the tree and said he wanted to dine with him, He too wants to dine with us. Be passionate about the Lord. Be deliberate. Speak with wisdom. Don't approach a situation carnally. Seek God. Get clarity first before you react. Proverbs 31 - the woman opened her mouth with wisdom. Dignify yourself and people will pay attention.

A woman who fears the Lord cannot be measured. She is far above rubies. Immeasurable. She can't be compared to anything. Hang on to the word of God. Look to God.

Summarised by Molly Manhanga

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